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Why Choose a Real Estate Team?


Choosing a Real Estate TEAM is the way to go, and I’ll explain to you why.

When you visit a doctor’s office you expect someone will check you in, someone else will take your weight and test your vitals, another will ask you why you are there, and then finally the doctor will see you. If the doctor had all that responsibility there’s more room for error.. and you’ll spend a lot more time in the waiting room. 

We are in the middle of a Real Estate evolution. By choosing a Real Estate Team you get more than you ever could from an individual agent. Here are 5 of the most important qualities a Team has that you don’t want to miss out on.

1. Diversity

With a Team of Real Estate Agents you get the opportunity to tap into the minds of a diverse group of people. Every person on the planet has some unique talents or skills. Teams focus on using those individual skills uniquely so that the whole group succeeds. Everyone brings something from their past and contributes it to the future success of the team. We understand to work well, you work together. Everyone has a passion and when turned into a purpose Teams are unstoppable.

2. Collaboration

As a collaborative force we are always there for our clients for any and every need that they have. By leveraging the experience and expertise of more than one brain, clients have a better overall experience. By choosing a team you simply have more resources work for you; more people, more ideas, and more perspective. Everyone is doing what they do best, ultimately working in unison to serve our clients best interest. We believe fundamentally the consumer deserves a better quality real estate experience. By using a team they receive that collaborative effort they desire.

“For me working in the financial industry, what I learned was that it’s important for all the roles to work together, and what I find is in real estate that’s equally as important. We all have a goal, and when we do it together we are more productive in accomplishing that goal. It takes a team to get the job done, and I learned that in my past career and I carry that forward in this new one” -Marcus Holt

3. Industry

Real Estate is not an industry for the timid or unprepared. Since the 1990’s teams have slowly began to emerge, taking a firm spot next to the traditional individual agent. For the client, the market is now giving you a choice between a single agent, or the collaborative force of a team. Tom Ferry, World Renowned Real Estate Coach, says, that there are 35,000 – 50,000 teams in the U.S give or take, and in the next 3 years he predicts that number will grow to 100,000. There is an evolution happening and it’s crucial that you inform yourself on all available options. Since all teams are different you should  know what type you want to be involved with.You should choose one that is built on strategy and is executing it correctly. A team shouldn’t just be a collection of individuals, but rather a diverse group of experts.

4. Knowledge

A Real Estate license teaches Agents the laws and regulations regarding the process of selling houses. It does not teach you how to sell a house. The average individual agent spends several years learning through trial and error, usually making less than $20,000 in their first year. A team of agents has a fountain of knowledge and experience that they pass on to new team members. Agents who work with a team have a chance to learn from mentors and discover the basics of what makes a sale work. Our Agents have weekly training sessions where they learn tried and true methods of the industry so there is no wasted “learning curve.” Our newest Agent Becky had a contracted signed within the first 48 hours of having her license because she was properly instructed on how to make it possible. Leadership is about empowering the team around you to do more, to serve more, so that we can provide better services to more costumers.

“The support that I get from the team and the experience that they are willing to share with me has been invaluable. The one-on-one training has been the most helpful. After only a few weeks I feel totally prepared for whatever obstacles are thrown at me.” -Becky Hooper 

5. Confidence

When you work with a team that is done right, you should have the confidence from beginning to end. Every step along the way is going to be handled with the attention and care that you deserve. Implicit in the idea of “team”, is team work. Knowing you have more than one person handling your business should give you the confidence that nothing will be over looked. Buying or Selling your house is a situation like the Doctors Office, you want to have the confidence that you are being handled with the upmost care. Never let the single most important purchase you make be over looked by someone who is overworked. When everyone is focused on one goal surely success is the only direction they can head. A team will always out serve an individual.

“My wife and I enjoyed working with The Edrington Team. They did much from the very first day to make sure that we sold our house as quickly as possible, and it paid off. Our house sold within two weeks of being listed. We could not be more pleased with their performance and we would certainly recommend them.” -Donnie Brandt

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