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It is an exciting time to be living in Chattanooga and we understand your desire to invest in real estate here. Whether you are interested in flipping, renting, buying and holding, new construction or development, we’ve got you covered. We are proud of the trust we’ve earned helping our investor clients make the right income producing decisions.

Knowing that you and our team is the right fit is the first step toward achieving your investment goals. So that we can better determine how we can assist you please fill out the form below.

In the “Message” box, please be sure to tell us the following…

  1. Tell us about your self.
  2. What’s your end game?
  3. Have you invested in the past and what was your experience?
  4. If you could make a change in your real estate past what would that be?
  5. Do you currently own or rent your primary residence?
  6. Do you currently own any real estate for investment purposes?
  7. Do you plan to receive financing or are you a cash buyer?
  8. What are you specifically looking for in a partnership with The Edrington Team?

We look forward to hearing form you!

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