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Increase your homes value with a little Spray paint.

Sometimes all it takes to update your home is a simple can of spray paint. If you are putting your home up for sale consider the fact that many potential buyers are turned off by trivial, outdated features that can be easily fixed. Even if you have gorgeous ceilings, and amazing hardwood floors, those outdated knobs, fixtures, and cabinets will catch a potential buyers eyes.  If you are looking to purchase a home make sure you remember paint is powerful! Don’t miss out on a sale, or a purchase because of a $5 fix.

Check out these simple solutions. 


1. Change brass to black and never go back.

Brass used to be a standard in most homes, but in recent years it has become dated. The great new is it’s very fixable! A $5 can of Spray paint is all you need to make the transformation. When a buyer sees brass, they may assume the rest of your house is outdated as well. This simple fix could make all the difference. 


2.  Buyers are going toward the light, and simple.

That wood that you fell in love with 10 years ago, is simply not the trend these days. Try updating your wood by painting it white. For a bigger project like your kitchen cabinets, make sure you take them off the hinges, remove the hardware, and sand them well.  Buyers like to image their own personal style when shopping for a house. Providing them with a clean modern look will better your chances of making a sale. 


3. First impressions are crucial, these fixes could make all the difference.

A cheap can of spray paint can completely change a buyers first impression of your home. Consider repainting your mailbox and front door a bright color to make your house pop. Painting your garage door could completely revamp your houses curve appeal, just make sure you get the appropriate brand of spray paint for this project. Give your home the face lift it deserves.



4. Fix the sore spots

Before you sell your house, walk around the areas that you normally hide from your guests. Whether it’s that strange shed in your backyard, or that daunting guest bathroom, there is no need to worry! A fresh paint job makes everything look brand new! Never be embarrassed of your home when it can be fix for under $10.



5.  Paint is powerful! Use it. 

Of course not everyone has it in their budget to repaint their entire house. Hopefully you learned that there are cheap fixes that will make just as big of a difference! Remember whether you are buying or selling your home, a little paint can go a long way. Don’t mark anything off your list without considering the hidden possibilities.






















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