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Don’t kid yourself, looks do matter.

Our professional photographer told me something one day that changed the way I look at Real Estate. He told me, every home has a story. Real Estate is often summed up as a bunch of sale agents running around trying to make a deal but The Edrington Team doesn’t see it that way. We understand that it is a privilege to walk into someone’s home, and we keep in mind that there are a ton of reasons why someone would be selling there home. Sometimes it is the happiest, and sometimes it is the saddest moment in our clients life.
 As we stood in this big house, I noticed the gorgeous hardwood floors spreading from one empty room to the next. The art had long been  taken off the walls, and there wasn’t even a tooth brush in the bathroom. Darren Johnson, The Edrington Team’s photographer, looked at me and said, “When I walk into a house I like to take a moment just to respect all the things that have happened here.” He paused and said, “I like to notice all the things that this family has come to love about their home. I try to take in all the details that I know meant something to them, like how perfect their fireplace is for hanging christmas stocking, or how amazing that pool must have been on a hot summer day.” As he pointed these things out to me I stopped picturing an empty house, and started to see these memories. That’s when I noticed him pointing his camera in the perfect spots, capturing those hidden treasures most would over look. He said, “It’s never an empty house to me.”
Hiring a Professional Real Estate photographer is no longer a question, it is a must! Home owners are not landscaping, painting and cleaning all weekend for their Real Estate agent to show up and point their iPhone at their beautiful home. Professional Photos matter, and we want each of our clients to have their best foot forward. We know you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression when selling your home, and we never settle for mediocre photos. We take time to respect and appreciate every detail of your home so that we can truly capture it the way it deserves. Take a look at the difference our professional photographer makes.
All photos are our listings. Click on the photo to be directed to more information on the property. 


First Impressions

 The exterior shot is often the most important one because it is the first photo anyone will see online of your home. Taking a great photo is not just about having a good camera, it’s about being skilled and knowing exactly what to do with it.


The first picture is dark, and doesn’t show off how beautiful this home is. Notice how Darren’s photo shows the details of the beautiful stone, and wood beams.  124 Mallard Hill, Ringgold GA 30736

before_dentville copy

If you have a luxury listing, it should look like it. Darren knows how to take photos that stun. 657 Dentville Rd, Delano, TN 37325


In the first picture the lighting and angle distract you from what this home actually looks like. Notice how Darren presented this house at the perfect angle and captured the true color of the gorgeous siding and stone. 1232 Dreamcatcher Way, Hixson TN 37343



Step into the light.

Your smart phone flash is not going to cut it. One big problem For Sale By Owners face is not knowing how to light a room. Our photographer shines a light on the true beauty of your home. 


Look at how this grand entry way is completely transformed through a professional’s eye. Darren uses his knowledge to brighten up dark rooms to illuminate the hidden features that you wouldn’t want to miss. 657 Dentville Rd, Delano, TN 37325
The first picture makes this completely remodeled home look slightly dated. The tone of the picture doesn’t portray this kitchens true fresh and crisp look. Darren’s photo makes the exact same kitchen look brand new! 1232 Dreamcatcher Way, Hixson TN 37343


The hardwood floors in this home are truly stunning, but notice how if you had only seen the first picture you would not grasp the true  beauty of these floors. Darren focuses on making his pictures reflect reality. 7805 Mouse Creek NW Rd, Cleveland, TN 37312



The perfect angle

Finding the perfect angle is something we have mastered. Everyone knows that pictures can be misleading, but there is never a reason to mislead someone into thinking your house is dark, small, and outdated. Our professional photographer will see your home in a different way, and capture its true glory.

B&A_6Notice how the first picture makes the kitchen see small. That is not what this kitchen truly looked like. Give Darren 5 minutes in a room and he will see it in a whole new light. 14 Carriage Hill, Signal Mountain, TN 37377


Notice how the first picture doesn’t show the awesome vaulted ceilings, and neat built ins. The first picture is dark and doesn’t show the openness of the space. Darren takes his time to find the perfect focal point. 4003 Obar Dr, Chattanooga, TN 37419


Notice how the first picture shows the photographers hand and leaves you asking “What is this?” Darren sees the bathtub and visualizes the perfect angle to display its true beauty. 657 Dentville Rd, Delano, TN 37325

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  • Brenda Baxter
    Written on

    Great article and “Wow” on the pictures. Do you do the virtual tours postings yet?

    • Meghan Smith
      Written on

      Yes, we try to showcase our professional photography in a number of ways! Thank you so much for reading.

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